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Garmin 010-01681-02 Drivesmart 61 Na Lmt-S Gps W/Smart Features (Renewed)

garmin 010 01681 02 drivesmart 61 na lmt s gps wsmart features renewed

Garmin 010-01681-02 DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S GPS w/Smart Features (Renewed)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Includes all original accessories plus a 1 Year warranty
  • Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S GPS w/ Smart Features
  • The DriveSmart 61 navigator is loaded with helpful driver alerts, live services and up-to-date content so you can always drive with confidence. The future is on your Garmin. Just look ahead and drive.
  • In The BOX INCLUDES: Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S GPS | Vehicle Suction Cup Mount | Vehicle Power Cable | USB Cable | Quick Start Manual | Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Brand : Amazon Renewed
Category : Electronics,GPS, Finders & Accessories,Sports & Handheld GPS,Handheld GPS Units
Rating : 4.3
ListPrice : US $219.99
Price : US $159.99
Review Count : 555

Garmin 010-01681-02 DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S GPS w/Smart Features (Renewed)

  • Just bought this to replace an older Garmin. It\'s obvious that the technology has improved and that this is a far better Garmin than I had. I\'ve used it only once on a 300 mile round trip - I was not driving, so was able to play around with it some. The major thing that I\'ve noticed is that it has a very steep learning curve. I\'ve used nothing but Garmins for the past 15 years, both in my car and hand held for off-road and hiking. I\'m familiar with the terminology and also with most of the available technology. I had a difficult time with this model in trying to customize it for my purposes and also for finding stuff - i.e., don\'t know completely yet what button to push when. One particular useful item I\'ve seen (and on my old model) is a listing of restaurants, service stations, etc. I\'ve seen it, but have yet to figure out how to get there. Everytime I\'ve seen the screen, I\'ve gotten there accidently and don\'t know how I did. There\'s two things related to this - the Manual and the Touchscreen. The Manual is contained on the GPS itself. This is a blessing and a curse. It\'s available, but it\'s hard to read. It would be better if it had a menu map in it, but I haven\'t found that yet. It saves trees, but it\'s hard to read the manual and then go do something on the unit (i.e., flipping back and forth through many menus). The Touchscreen itself is also a blessing and curse. It\'s very responsive, but it\'s TOO responsive. while I was holding it in my hand as a non-driver (Don\'t drive and GPS), my finger or thumb or shirtsleeve would brush the screen and I\'d be off on a rabbit hunt. I lost my route in the middle of it this way, and I discovered my restaurant list this way, not having any knowledge of how I got there.I\'m sure I\'ll learn all that I need to know eventually, but it was frustrating on first use. I\'ll have to be very patient since I don\'t like to use the unit unless I\'m stopped.PROs that I like in this newer model:Route planning with waypointsInterface with Trip Advisor (though I\'m not sure yet how to use it)Real time Traffic avoidance (ditto)Easy to see big screenSuction cup, on first use, worked very well on windshield, but I\'ll be using it on a dashboard.Cons:Disengaging the unit from the ball mount is cumbersomeSteep learning curveNo warning that battery is low. (I thought I was on car power but wasn\'t and the battery ran out on me with no warning).Updating data is a pain - have to take the unit inside to good connection. First update was over 2 hours. No way I could\'ve done this using my phone or a tablet.I\'m making the same trip again in a few days as a driver. I will update my 2nd use experienceUPDATE JANUARY 21, 2019I spent a few hours with the manual and the device and have come to the conclusion - the manual really sucks. It has no index and it has no screen shots. Most of what I learned was by total immersion and just punching buttons over and over again. It is not always intuitive. I usually have no problems with this, but this product befuddled me. I think I\'ve finally mastered the options I want, but I know there are other things I might enjoy. It\'s connected to my phone by bluetooth, but don\'t understand completely why I bothered.It will get you where you want, the time and calculation are pretty accurate, although slower than usual. I\'m keeping it and would probably buy it or an upgrade. For the refurbished price, I don\'t think it can be beat.If I were a designer, I think the only thing I\'d add is to rewrite the manual with screenshots and icons, add an index, add maps of the sw program menus to enhance menu navigation, and get a more responsive voice recognition. Half the time, when I was searching, it would not even be close to what I was looking for. I\'d also like to see a split screen with the map on the left and a list of restaurants on the right (the restaurant lists take up the whole screen. Just the names if in a list on the right like the turns menu.Please ask if you have questions.
  • I have been using this GPS unit for 4 weeks and it has met or exceeded my expectations in nearly all departments. The touch screen is large, very responsive and absolutely gorgeous. Directions are accompanied by voice instructions as well as driving lane suggestions that are quite helpful. I connected the unit to my home wifi and updated the maps while the GPS was in the vehicle with the vehicle parked in the driveway - no need to pull the unit out of the car and plug it into a computer to update the maps. The most stunning thing about this GPS is the absolutely unreal capability with speech recognition; I can operate the GPS by voice commands without having to take my eyes off the road or my hands off the steering wheel! It recognizes the voice command and the address very quickly and nearly perfectly on the first try. I have never seen any device with such excellent speech recognition - just miles and miles ahead of anything else in my opinion. I have a South Asian English accent and that hasn\'t thrown the speech recognition off at all. I downloaded the Garmin Smartlink application on my Android phone and paired it to this GPS so I can get traffic data and alerts also. The Garmin Smartlink application does use the phone\'s battery a little aggressively but I can turn the application on/off as needed, so I only turn on the application on the phone when I need traffic data for the GPS function. The GPS naturally works very well even without the traffic data (i.e., if you don\'t install the Garmin Smartlink application on your phone or leave the application turned off after installing it on your phone). But with the benefit of traffic data, the GPS provides very precise arrival times at the destination. With the GPS paired to my phone through Bluetooth, I can see text messages etc. on the GPS. Since I have my phone paired to the vehicle also through Bluetooth, when there is an incoming phone call, I get the option of receiving the phone call through the vehicle or through the GPS. I like to take the calls through the vehicle\'s Bluetooth connection and in this case the GPS doesn\'t interfere with the phone call; it simply shows that a phone call is in progress.There are 2 things that I would mention that are less than perfect though. The map indicates my home street to be a one-way when it is not - it makes the GPS loudly complain that \"you are going the wrong way\" every time I leave home in one direction on the street! This is not so much a flaw with the GPS unit but the map data. I wish there was an easy way for consumers to inform Garmin about such map imperfections so they could be fixed through \"crowd sourcing\". The second less than perfect experience occurred when the GPS unit started rebooting endlessly on its own. I suspect this happened when it tried to do a GPS software update (not a map update). I thought that I would have to get Garmin to help me or replace the unit under warranty. But I tried to do the software and map update on the GPS unit over a USB connection through a computer to see if that would correct the issue … and it did! So far, the issue hasn\'t reoccurred.UPDATE (Dec 30, 2018): I have been using this GPS for several months now and it has continued to meet or exceed my expectations. Every now and then it still surprises me with a new feature that I hadn\'t discovered before. E.g., if you are driving without a break for a long time (perhaps 2 hours), then it automatically proposes a stop and suggests the nearest places where you could stop for a short break - nice! When going to the airport or a public destination (instead of a private address), it suggests nearest parking spots as you arrive at the destination. I continue to recommend this product without any reservations.

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