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70mm Adhesive Mounting Disk For Car Dashboards Garmin Tomtom Gps Dashboard Disc

70mm adhesive mounting disk for car dashboards garmin tomtom gps dashboard disc

70mm Adhesive Mounting Disk for Car Dashboards Garmin TomTom GPS Dashboard Disc

  • Semi permanent adhesive mounting disc works with any 60mm suction mounting pedestal for adhering to dashboards
  • Compatible with Garmin and TomTom GPS mounting pedestals

Buy Now : 70mm Adhesive Mounting Disk for Car Dashboards Garmin TomTom GPS Dashboard Disc

Brand : ARKON
Category : Electronics,GPS, Finders & Accessories,GPS System Accessories,Vehicle Mounts
Rating : 4.4
ListPrice : US $7.95
Price : US $6.99
Review Count : 492

70mm Adhesive Mounting Disk for Car Dashboards Garmin TomTom GPS Dashboard Disc

  • The dashboard in our motorhome looks flat but slight curves on it’s surface made getting out tire pressure monitor almost impossible to suction to the dash. After attaching this disk to the dash it is no problem now to attach the monitor.
  • I needed a mounting disc to use with a suction arm car mount for my phone. My dashboard (\'07 Scion tC) has a ridged texture that doesn\'t allow smooth suction cups (those meant for glass) to stick. I couldn\'t find a mounting arm with the soft sticky gel type suction cups, so I settled for this semi-permanent solution.It does what it needs to and application is straightforward, but after a few weeks of use the heat and weight of the mounting arm started to loosen the adhesive and the disk started to lift at the back. Here\'s the interesting part: the adhesive didn\'t weaken where the tape touches the dashboard, no, it instead weakened where the *tape touches the mounting disk*. So if the separation had continued, I would end up with a dashboard with the mounting tape still stuck to it, and an separate plastic disk.I was able to fix the problem by simply applying some super glue with a thin toothpick to the growing gap between the tape and mounting disk. After that cured the tape and disk never separated again. Please note I also use a sunscreen for my windshield when I park in direct sunlight though. It\'s been about a year since I installed the disc and it still works fine.NOTE: if your mount\'s suction cup is 70mm wide then you should get the larger 80mm size Arkon mounting disk because these disks have a rough textured border that\'s a few mm wide and they don\'t play well with smooth suction cups. So the actual smooth surface of the disk is a bit smaller than the actual width of the disk.
  • My Yeti cup has a stainless steel bottom that when slid across my desk made this fingernails-on-chalkboard resonant screech from the 6th level of Dante\'s inferno, and released some minor demons if I persisted.This attachment on the bottom glides effortlessly and silently without scratching or necessitating a call to the local parish.
  • This item did exactly what it was supposed to do. Mounted on dash of a 2013 Honda Civic.
  • We needed an extra mounting platform so we could use our Garmin in either of our vehicles, so we ordered this one. However, the dashboard where I mounted it was slightly curved. The mounting platform adhered to the dash OK, but after awhile, the Garmin suction cup mount fell off it. I ended up punching a new mounting complete mounting kit at Best Buy. And when I pulled the old one off, it did leave a residue, even though the features say it won\'t. I\'ll have to find a way to remove the residue without damaging the dashboard before I mount the new one, which seems a little more rigid.
  • Purchased for use with the iMagnet phone mount (which fits the disk perfectly btw). The adhesive stuck very well to my Chevy Cobalt\'s textured dash. Unfortunately (my fault) I placed it just a teeny bit too far forward so the front 1/4 of the disk can\'t adhere since the dash is curved. The disk is too rigid to make that curve, but hey it is still doing its job. Not much else to say, it\'s a plastic disk with some adhesive - don\'t expect it to make you coffee or anythingIt is currently winter so when it gets warm, if it loses adhesion like others mention it might, I will update accordingly.Update: The disk survived the hot summer! I didn\'t notice any loosening of the adhesive at all, and this thing is smack in the middle of my black plastic dash, getting full sun. It is now 11 months since I posted this review and the disk is just fine. I have no complaints.Update 2: This review was posted Nov 2013, and it is now Oct 2015. The disk is still attached to my dash as securely as ever!
  • Bottom (top?) line summary: Smooth mounting surface is excellent; 3M adhesive was excellent on our textured but flat dashboard.The front window in our 2013 Toyota Sienna is much further away than in our previous vehicle, so, I wanted to mount our GPS somewhere closer to the driver. The best spot seemed to be on the dashboard near the middle LCD display panel. Unfortunately, the GPS suction mount will not attach to the textured dash there, so, I purchased this attachment disk to provide a smooth mounting surface on the dash where I wanted to mount the GPS. The 3M adhesive has adhered well to the dash and has not moved or disintegrated in the past 3 months even in the blistering sun of summer. The GPS suction mount works very well on this disk\'s smooth surface. The 70mm disk was the right size for the suction mount for our Garmin GPSMAP 60C GPS\'s dash mount.
  • I have been using this mounting disk for my smartphone car mount in my car for over a year and a half now and it has been fantastic. The disk itself comes with an adhesive layer on bottom. Removing cover from the adhesive layer you can attach the disk to the dash of your car. Do note that the disk itself is solid and doesn\'t bend, so you will likely want to find a part of your dash that is flat to affix this disc onto. The surface of the disc is flat and smooth which makes it great for the suction cup. I have only had to remount the suction cup once throughout my 18 months. Great inexpensive solution!

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