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Navionics Plus Regions West Marine And Lake Charts On Sd/Msd

navionics plus regions west marine and lake charts on sdmsd

Navionics Plus Regions West Marine and Lake Charts on SD/MSD

  • Max detailed charts for cruising, fishing and sailing.
  • Get full marine coverage and Canadian waters of Puget Sound plus more than 2,600 lakes in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, ND, NV, OR, SD, UT, WA and WY.
  • Includes SonarChartTM 1 foot HD bathymetry map that reflects ever changing conditions, and Community Edits, valuable local information added by millions of Navionics Boating app users.
  • Get the most current charts every day with daily updates for one year.

Buy Now : Navionics Plus Regions West Marine and Lake Charts on SD/MSD

Brand : Navionics
Category : Electronics,Car & Vehicle Electronics,Marine Electronics,Marine GPS Chartplotters
Rating : 4.2
Price : US $148.97
Review Count : 65

Navionics Plus Regions West Marine and Lake Charts on SD/MSD

  • I’m very happy with this chart. It was easy to activate the SD card on my computer so I could get free updates for one year. In this package, You get two charts on one SD card with this product. One chart is for navigation and the other chart has more details. Works great for findings fishing spots along with my fishfinder.
  • I have been using the Navionics Plus app for almost a year and absolutely love it. I have it loaded on my Ipad and use it both on my boat and also my razor. I love the detail and for most part very easy to use and would rate the app a 5+. So when I bought a new Lowrance HDS 9 fishfinder and learned that I could get the Navionics Plus SD card to use it is I has very excited to receive it and put the SD card in my finder and head out. Placed the SD card in the Lowrance and it asked me if I wanted to switch to using it verses the default Lowrance mapping and I said yes. I expected the same great detail, nope couldn’t really tell the difference between Navionics and the default Lowrance charts. So I assumed I must not have the settings right so spent the next 30 minutes trying to fix the problem. Changed a few settings and made things a little better but no where near the detail I had been use to so I went on the internet to figure what was wrong, did I have a bad SD Navionics card? Nope I found out even though I spent $21/year for the wonderfull app and $139 for the SD card the SD card version does not provide satellite overlay capability. I just wasted $139 plus tax. I don’t understand why it is missing, the app has it for the exact same location in AZ and the SD card does not. Just beware that you are not really getting the quality in the SD that is provided in the app.
  • Quite a few lakes were on this versus what was on huminbird\'s version. Other than that I will have to use it more to really compare
  • Easy install.
  • Not as accurate as I would like, can work with that. The lakes I fish in Wyoming are not even mapped with contours 😞
  • Absolutely INCREDIBLE!! Way way way better details than hds unit preloaded maps!
  • Very clear and easy to read
  • Sold bad SD card I waited to long to try using it. Unable to return. Make sure you buy new.

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