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Lowrance Sun Cover F/Hook2 7 Series

lowrance sun cover fhook2 7 series

Lowrance Sun Cover F/Hook2 7 Series

  • Suncover for Hook2 7 Series
  • Hook2 7 Unit Cover.
  • This Cover fits all Hook2 7 inch Series Models
  • Keep your HOOK2 safe from dirt and debris with a Lowrance Sun Cover
  • Won't blow off even at highway speeds

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Brand : Lowrance
Category : Electronics,GPS, Finders & Accessories,GPS System Accessories
Rating : 4.7
Price : US $41.99
Review Count : 261

Lowrance Sun Cover F/Hook2 7 Series

  • Pull out of the box and placed it on the unit with No problem. Also handle the ride from the house to the boat launched without blowing offf
  • Hate the blatant \"LOWRANCE\" display on your console? Want to get rid of that annoying visual logo? I hate it when manufacturer\'s take a simple product and mess it up by putting their company logo with letters so large on the product that you think I have a billboard on my boat. Why do they think that I want to use my life, my property, and my situation to advertise who they are and what they made by putting an ugly, blatant company name logo on a product I bought?Here\'s a solution for solving this for this simple plastic fish finder screen cover. Take a Dremel tool, put a soft fiber polishing/buffing pad on it, Apply masking tape to the outside top and bottom edges of the \"LOWARANCE\" letters. Then carefully buff away the blue paint on each letter... the tape will help to keep the buffing wheel from hitting the plastic on the outside of the letters. What you get looks like a \"woody grained\" appearance on each letter where you buffed off the paint on each letter, which has the appearance of white woody letters raised on solid white plastic background. It does not take much to buff away the blue paint... but you inevitably leave these small dips in each letter as you buff away the paint. Takes about 30 minutes. Actually, it looks good and unique when yo look closely at it, and from a foot away, you don\'t even know the letter are there unless you are up close to the cover. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!Now I don\'t have an ugly \"LOWRANCE\" billboard in my boat anymore. It\'s better than the original cover. They may even do it that way for each cover they make, or just put a very small 10 point letter logo on the cover at the lower left of right corner of the cover. Over all, t\'s still too expensive to pay $26.00 for these covers... they should have included a screen protector with the original fish finder packaging!
  • Snaps on securely. Snug fit but not too tight. Just right. Yes, like others, I feel it should have been included with the depth finder. Yes, around $30 seems a bit high for a piece of plastic! But, at least it seems well made, and fit like a glove. Don’t make the mistake of ordering the cheaper version because it is confusing whether it will fit or not. I researched deeper and it will not fit. Stick with this one! And if you’re shopping for depthfinders…I just got this Hook2 7 inch…and so far: great display, easy setup for the basics. No English version of user manual included! 7 different languages but not English! So I haven’t played with settings much. I put it on a 15 foot Triton aluminum fishing/duck hunting boat. Got this one because Wally had it on sale; A five inch would have been big enough, IMO.
  • Overpriced for a piece of plastic but it fits my hook reveal 7 perfect.
  • Perfect fit no worries at all running down highway at 70 +
  • This cover fits great. That’s why I’m writing this review. I was concerned it wouldn’t fit after reading some other reviews. I attached a picture of my model to give confidence that it will fit.I can’t believe Lowrance doesn’t include these at no cost, but $27 isn’t a bad price to protect this unit. Delivery was surprisingly fast. I’d recommend this Lowrance cover for the Hook2 7in model.
  • That a printed manual does not come with it you have to look everything up online and if you don\'t remember where to go or what you did last time you just keep going back and forth back and forth as you spend more time looking for things are trying to get it set up more than getting to see the fish on there
  • This fit my Reveal 7 perfectly. It\'s sturdy and well made. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. It also costs too much. It\'s injection molded plastic with single color printing. It should cost 40% less but, obviously, the market sets the price. Mea culpa.

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